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East El Paso Pet Boarding Services Provide Personalized Attention

At East El Paso Animal Hospital, we know that pets are an important part of your family. If you will be traveling for work or vacation and cannot take your pets with you, our animal hospital can be your pets’ home away from home. Our East El Paso pet boarding services provide your pet with a safe, secure home, compassionate care, and plenty of individualized attention. Most importantly, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pet will be well cared for until you return home.

Cat Boarding and Dog Boarding: Security & Care for Your Family Pets

east_el_paso_pet_boarding.jpgProfessional pet boarding offers a number of benefits for your pet. Traveling with pets is not always. Even if a neighbor can drop by to check on your pet, this is not the same level of care and attention that your pet is accustomed to receiving. A sudden change in a pet’s home environment, including the absence of the pet’s primary caretakers, can trigger confusion, anxiety and stress. Even independent cats are used to the steady and familiar presence of their owners.

Pets left home alone without regular human interaction also become bored, and are more likely to destroy furniture or damage your home. Worse, bored and curious pets may inadvertently ingest poisonous household substances. Even if a neighbor checks on your pets once a day, this means it could be many long hours before your pet receive life-saving care.

With professional dog and cat boarding, there is no need to worry about your pet’s safety or well-being. Your pet will be securely cared for by our loving and compassionate kennel staff. All pets receive regular attention. If your dog is active or energetic, he will benefit from interactive play. We also give cats space to relax and sleep the day away in a quiet, sunny spot.

Our professional pet boarding staff will cater to your pet’s specific wellness needs. For example, if your pet has unique dietary or medication requirements, our staff can easily accommodate these needs. Even the best intentioned neighbor may not know the right way to administer medication or what to do should your pet experience a health emergency. When your pet is staying at our animal hospital, he is in the best care of our veterinary staff.

Our staff’s familiarity with your pets is an added benefit of choosing our cat and dog boarding services. We are already accustomed to your pet’s temperament and wellness needs. We also have your pet’s medical records on file. Should an unexpected health emergency occur, we can quickly make a well-informed decision.

Our animal hospital follows strict safety and health standards. All pets must be up to date on vaccinations prior to pet boarding. For more information, contact our veterinary hospital today!